I am Rachel. Hear me roar.

I'm a powerhouse senior creative with over 9 years of experience in the e-commerce + digital world. I have skill sets that range from traditional graphic design to visualization design, iconography, branding, UI/UX design, color theory, photo composition and manipulation, typography, motion and video. Even better, I started my creative career as a digital marketer so every design decision I make is driven by strategy.


I design for the human experience.

collection of work

I'm a seasoned creative with a wide-ranging portfolio of work. My work spans UX/UI web design, illustration + iconography, identity + branding, video scripting + production, commercial photography + photo manipulation, visualization design, and more. Browse by topic or view all of my work below.



"I have had the pleasure to work with Rachel here at Mozilla for the past couple months and I am very impressed with her work ethic and productivity. She is an extremely talented designer who has an eye for detail. Rachel is passionate about her work and consistently delivers impressive creative for all our campaigns and marketing collateral. I really appreciate that she is a team player, possesses great communication skills and is able to solve issues quickly. I highly recommend Rachel and believe any team would be lucky to have her on board."

Cherlyn Medina

Senior Project Manager // Mozilla

"Working with Rachel means getting to collaborate with a highly skilled, immensley creative visual designer and a strategic design thinker. Rachel approaches design challenges, not just with her vast talent, but with thoughtful questions and a sense of empathy – always seeking the how and why behind the design solutions she creates. As a co-worker I am often amazed by Rachel's tenacity and ability to dive in and help her team achieve wins for the organization. Whether she is working in a agile/sprint environment or helping to build the successes of the larger marketing department, Rachel is an all-in team player. I count myself fortunate to be able to work with Rachel and know others on our team feel the same."

Michael Ham

Senior Visual Designer // Mozilla

"Rachel identified what was important to us very quickly by connecting with individual members of the team to understand the challenges we’re facing. She took the time to understand the “NIKE voice” when it comes to communicating internally and externally to ensure that our voice as an organization fit seamlessly into the bigger picture. She has tremendous creativity coupled with a willingness to lead with a strong opinion. She does not wait to be asked. She gets shit done."

Chad Cowan

Business Development Director // Nike Global Lean

"Rachel has made a powerful contribution to the work we do. One of the aspects of her work that impressed me the most was the clarity with which she laid out her expectations of us in order to create great value together. She did a great job of taking a complex message and parsing it down to clear and simple content with a cohesive look and feel that is valuable in sharing out message across the organization."

Cheryl White

Senior Lean Coach // Nike Canada Corp.

"During the time Rachel has been working with us she’s continuously exceeded my expectations. With just some few directions, she proactively worked to come up with some proposals of not only amazing quality but also really quick turnaround. With her thorough work she’s helped elevate our communications and branding to a whole new level. On top of that, she’s always been really nice, helpful and fun to work with. I’d definitely recommend Rachel without a doubt"

Aitor Martinez

Senior Lean Coach, North America DPIM // Nike

"Rachel was a pleasure to work with and was able to increase the effectiveness and relevance of our communications and take our game to the next level. The work that she has done continues to elicit positive responses and engagement with my teams globally."

Luis Mendez

Director, & Master Lean Coach // Nike Global Lean

"Rachel identified what was important to us here at Nike very quickly by connecting with individual members of the team to understand the challenges we’re facing in communications. She took the time to understand the “NIKE voice” when it comes to communicating internally and externally to ensure that our voice as an organization fit seamlessly into the bigger picture. Tremendous creativity coupled with a willingness to lead with a strong opinion. She does not wait to be asked. She has eagerly taken on every ask I've thrown at her without hesitation, and still somehow seems to impress me more and more with each project. Rachel is our Nike Unicorn combining brilliant design creativity with extensive communications expertise!"

Colleen Mora

Senior Admin Assist // Nike Global Lean

“The first time I saw Rachel's work, I remember being impressed by the sheer efficiency of it - how quickly she was able to produce a variety of lovely designs. And, after working with Rachel for many months now, it's become clear that this is simply an inherent feature of her work, as she's consistently delivered strong design work under stringent time constraints. As a designer, Rachel is a sprinter - fast, but making full and exuberant use of her design capabilities at every step. And she's damn good at it. She's taken me across many finish lines.”

Jeanette Zhu

Design Director // Sketchdeck, Inc.

“Rachel has been working with SketchDeck for almost one year now and I am truly impressed by her and her ability to deliver highest quality design even under time constrains. She constantly impresses with an eye for detail and creative approaches and I am glad to having her on our team!”

Will Krispin

Head of Operations // Skethdeck. Inc.

"Rachel brought life into our project with her creative input and talented eye. She was able to constantly deliver high quality work under a very tight deadline; took direction very well, and showed how much she cares about the quality of her work. It was both a pleasure and honor working with her."

Pedro Ferreira

Creative Manager // Infinity Marketing Group

"Rachel is a powerhouse and an extremely talented professional. I was consistently impressed by her ability to effortlessly pick up new skills and masterfully breeze through work. I have never had the privledge of working alongside someone who could move through projects as efficiently and effectively as Rachel. I witnessed her drastically increase Brown Paper Tickets' social media following in a very short period of time, and maintain a vibrant community throughout her tenure there. She produced quality work again and again, from beautiful and communicative illustrations for digital marketing work, to full fledged websites, email campaigns, and print work. I can't say enough about how highly I view Rachel's work, and how much I learned from partnering with her on multiple projects."

Karen Chappell

Graphic Designer + Branding Consultant // Vein Branding

"Rachel has the amazing ability to deliver high-quality, beautiful, strategically on-point projects in less time than it takes most people to heat up their coffee. I have greatly enjoyed working with Rachel. She is one of the people on the team that not only did I ever need to worry about performance-wise, but that also continually blew me away with her brilliant execution. Rachel worked on such projects with me as social marketing, graphic design, community management, email marketing and web building. She's detail-oriented and very self-motivated. She's a rare find. Anyone who snags her for their team is incredibly lucky."

Kelsye Nelson

Publisher + Founder // Avasta Press

"I worked with Rachel recently to develop my small business website courtedstyle.com where she literally was able to take my concept from inception to full out vision. Rachel is accommodating and works at rapid speed with always keeping customer service in mind, as well as what it is you are trying to accomplish by having a web presence. I without a shadow of a doubt recommend Rachel Wong's services. It is affordable, flexible and exceeds expectation beyond measure. "

Courtney O'Neal

Founder + CEO // Courted Style

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